• Corina Villarreal

Pampas Galore

A beautiful whimsical and bohemian feel, pampas grass off all types and colors are the perfect touch to accentuate your event! Wether working with faux or fresh, pampas grass is at its best when prepped appropriately. All fresh and dried pampas should be sunned and fluffed And make sure it is done outside! You can’t ever rush such perfection, but in case you are ever in a time crunch, take a blow dryer to your plume. The blowdrying helps rid of excess wisps of grass while fluffing up each plume.

Be gentle with each dried stem as they are very delicate! Once you’ve fluffed each plume to your desire, touch up each plume with hairspray. Three hairspray will not only help hold the fluffed shape, but it will also help minimize the shedding. Have faux? You have the advantage of working with the stems and bending them around to your desired affects as they usually are fixated with floral wire. dies your faux pampas have any creases?

take a blow dryer to it to help loosen the threads. Always give yourself plenty of time to get comfortable working with pampas before you ever rush into creating an arrangement. Doing so will help ensure your grass is displayed eloquently. Until next time!

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